Infant Education (IE)

Open to infant to two year-old babies and toddlers

Hello Future IE program

Tailored lesson plans for every single child

2 internationally certified teachers

who are professional as well as caring and loving

Guiding 6 to 8 children in Creative Building Area and Fine Motor Skills Area

Free and independent exploration in Practical Life,

Art Area and Reading Corner

Four developmental dimensions: P (Physical Development)

I (Intelligence Development)

E (Emotional Development)

and S (Social Development)

Personalized learning reports by teachers

All Children are unique. Let children become themselves with bravely

IE Class Features
  • Socializing
  • Safe environment
  • Learning to concentrate
  • Developing children's observation skills
  • In a safe environment with family participation
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Infant Community (IC) & Casa

1.5-3 years old Infant Community (IC) & Casa class

IC Half Day/Full Day Class, for 1.5-3 year-old toddlers

Hello Future Infant Community (IC)

American Montessori Association standard

Well-prepared physical environment with loving and respectful teachers

Children are encouraged to explore freely

Tailored lesson plans for every single child

Integration of traditional Chinese culture

Equipped with Montessori Chinese language materials

Monthly field trip

Afternoon activities, music, cooking, arts, PE, Positive Development

Encourage your children to grow up independent and with

integrity having fun while becoming life-long learners

Casa Full Day, Open to 3-6 year-old children

Hello Future Casa (Casa Dei Bambini as labeled by Maria Montessori)

American Montessori Association standard

Tailored lesson plans for every single child

Experienced Chinese lead teacher and one foreign teacher per class

Encouraging children's independence, sense of responsibility,

creativity, self-discipline and leadership

Working independently in different areas,

such as practical life, sensorial activities, mathematics, language, art,

culture studies including science, geography and biology

Mixed-age group

Low teacher children ratio, 1:6

English speakers in the classroom for the whole day

Character building class along with Fun & Play activities

Aiming to give children special childhood

experiences and long lasting memories .

Class Features
  • Internationally certified Montessori teachers
  • Academic learning in parallel with social and emotional development
  • Bilingual environment
  • Online communication system
  • Whole family involvement
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Hello Future Flagship Campus

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Hello Future Dong Ba Olympic Garden Campus

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